Hotel surrounding countryside Munich

Too good to be true. Our Hotel Umland Munich selection.

If you are clever, look no further than Hotel surrounding countryside München.

Hotels in the Munich area are more popular than you think. If Munich is too expensive, too loud or too urban, look into the surrounding area. This is where rural charm meets Ur-Bavarian tradition and warmth. To the Munich surroundings count u.a.

  • Dachau
  • Germering
  • Starnberg

Cheaper than directly in Munich and yet quickly accessible. This distinguishes the Munich area.

hotel umland münchen

Direct contact with the hotel saves money.

Many portals prevent direct contact with the hotel. We, however, enable Him. We even do that as a matter of course. This allows you to book the best prices directly at the hotel.

We find the class. Your advantages are obvious. You are in direct contact. Nobody else is intervening. You benefit from the prices that the hotel offers you personally. Try it out.